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"Finally a system that works! Very easy to maintain and looks the part..." John Dudley

"Sean a year on and the system is running perfectly. It takes me a just few minutes a day to maintain the filters and its so easy. 20 years of Koi keeping and you have made the hobby much better, Thank you" Joe & Pat.

"Sean thanks for going the extra mile" – Mark.

"Many thanks for all your help and guidance in this project" Andy C.

"I am over the moon with the pond and can’t thank you enough for helping out at such short notice and doing a fantastic job" Carol.
Reflections Testimonials
What Our Customers say......
Peter Waddington Sept 08  (see full details in pdf brochure.pdf)
Sean Hunter is simply the best high class Nishikigoi pond builder that I know of anywhere in the world - full stop. Alas, I do not think that Sean has yet really quite grasped just how talented he actually is! Get more information at

However, I do not give open statements like this lightly, and sincerely and truthfully believe in what have to I say about this guy. I first met up with Sean several years before anyone else in the industry had even heard of him. Sean simply strolled into my office at Infiltration one day and told me he had heard that I was in the process of building a ‘real Koi pond’ in my back garden. I confirmed that this was correct to which Sean asked if he could visit my home and see if he could assist in any way. Now, over the years, Peter Waddington had, by then, been involved with many so-called ‘high quality pond builders’ on many occasions and had finally come to an expensive conclusion that they all varied between ‘mildly useless’ to ‘totally useless’. (They may well have been ‘dab hands’ in producing pretty ornamental garden water features which would possibly last for a few years before collapsing completely but let them near a proper Koi pond at your very own peril!) ...........I could go on and on about Sean’s talents but space does not allow. I have taken Sean to the Yamakoshi mountains in the late 1990’s where he had a total experience. Sean has now set up his own specialist Koi pond construction business and we always continue to stay in touch. If you are considering building a proper Koi pond system, despite how big or small, and also want the very best for your money - in my own opinion, you really have only ONE choice available today in the whole of the UK. By the way, Sean is also a very experienced Koi keeper to boot!
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