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Reflections have automated system discharge lines to negate the need for daily purging of prime chambers. This equipment is a motorised valve with battery backup and can be programmed to suit any Koi pond. These valves are fail safe closed so in the event of a power failure will always close in the off position.

Our Alarm Systems use an auto dialler system to monitor :
Flood Alarms
Mains Electricity Failure
Level Sensors
Key Equipment Failure.

These alarms are connected to a telephone socket and upon the activation of a trigger signal will proceed to dial up to four separate telephone numbers including mobiles, until a positive response from one of the numbers dialled.
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Back up generators have been recommended more often since the earthquake in Japan where upon the breeders lost expensive parent stock due to lack of back up power. We have installed many different types of backup power ranging from full system coverage to a 'suitcase' generator capable of running an air pump. This often overlooked piece of equipment is worth consideration. Whatever your needs please call Sean on 07985 710 294 to discuss your individual requirements or contact us online.
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