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A GRP or glass reinforced polyester will provide a smooth durable laminate that is ideal for Koi ponds and water features.For contemporary Koi ponds there is only one selection option – GRP. GRP requires skilled application and careful preparation of the surface to be laminated. Preparation and sealing of the render is very important and necessary for two reasons, a/ to prevent alkali leaching and contamination of the pond water and b/ to prevent alkali attack and degradation of the GRP lining.

The selected sealer is G4 Polyurethane varnish applied at 210 gms per sq meter. In addition to sealing the Alkali in the G4 render will prevent dampness striking through which would inhibit the hardening and cure of the resin. G4 will be tacky hard in about one hour and at this point the initial resin coat is applied. If the resin is not applied at this time there is a risk of the laminate not bonding with the G4.
GRP Lining
GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) Pond Lining
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These pictures show the stages of the GRP Lining Process
Reflections use a metal paddle roller to ensure the chopped strand matting is thoroughly saturated thus ensuring that there are no air bubbles and there are no areas lacking in resin.
1. Rendered pond 2. G4 being applied 3. Initial Resin Application 4. 1.5 oz matting being applied 5. Paddle roller being used 6. Surface tissue being applied 7. Sanding the laminate by hand 8. Finished GRP showing topcoat
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A basic GRP specification is: 1 coat of laminating resin, 1 layer of 450gms /Sq mtr chopped strand matting, 1 layer of surface tissue and 1 coat of black topcoat. All the laminations should be applied “wet on wet” with the surface tissue providing a smooth finish in one operation. Once the laminate has hardened the entire surface can be sanded down by using 40 grit production paper. This will provide an ideal key for the topcoat. The topcoat on a Koi pond is usually pigmented either super black or british racing green. Water features can be pigmented to most RAL colours. The addition of pigment to the topcoat will also enable a more positive cure of the topcoat.
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