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For contemporary Koi ponds there is only one selection option GRP. GRP requires skilled application and careful preparation of the surface to be laminated. Preparation and sealing of the render is very important and necessary for two reasons, a/ to prevent alkali leaching and possible contamination of the pond water and b/ to prevent alkali attack and degradation of the GRP.Preparatory layer - the selected sealer is G4. In addition to sealing the render G4 has the added advantage that when applied appropriately it provides an ideal key for the primary resin coat.
12000 Gallon Koi Pond Project - Finishing
Outlined over the pages below is a detailed description of how Reflections constructed a 12,000 gallon Koi pond.
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Pond Construction
Filtration Installation
Finishing Touches
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The GRP specification for this pond was:
- 1 coat of laminating resin
- 1 layer of 1.5 oz first class matting
- 1 layer of surface tissue
- 1 coat of Polycor black topcoat
This lamination will provide a safe and enduring lamination for Koi pond.

Finishing touch
80 square meters of coursed walling stone was ordered to face up the Koi pond walls, filter room, greenhouse, internal pond collar and steps. Templates were made of the pond radiuses and then the stone was trimmed by hand on site to suit the specific requirements. Special pitched face stone was ordered for the pond and greenhouse capping stone. This stone has a sawn top and a pitched face, this allows the pond wall to be used a seat.
The greenhouse was installed onto the filter room. The pitched face stone wall really makes an impression inside the greenhouse. The access door for the filter room is located at the rear of the greenhouse which means you have to walk past the carnations and when they are in flower it will be a welcoming way in. We installed floor drains and connected them to the mains sewer to allow drainage when watering the carnations.
The filter room roof was tiled with Redland Grovebury tiles and verge tiles. A large Velux window was added to allow natural daylight and ventilation into the filter room. A radiator was added to the filter room to stop condensation and make the area comfortable when maintenance tasks were being carried out. A sink with hot and cold water was installed for cleaning purposes.
The filter room floor and greenhouse floor were both tiled with a porcelain tile so that the floors could just be washed down as necessary. A uPVC door between the greenhouse and filter room was installed, we chose uPVC for the airtight seal the door makes when closed, this was a requirement for when the greenhouse requires fumigating.