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Design Brief
The client is the CEO of a construction company and also a returning customer. A badly used part of the garden was given over to locate a dedicated Koi pond and filter room, we also had to accommodate a large greenhouse for the clients passion for cultivating Carnations. Access and maintenance had to be simple. The total utility cost had to be kept to a minimum but without compromising the desired running efficiency. The Koi pond and filter room have also to fit in with the existing construction materials of the dwelling and boundary walls. 
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Pond Construction
Filtration Installation
Finishing Touches
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Planning the Pond
We started sketching and playing with different designs to try and utilise the area. Many designs were proposed and rejected due to not being “just” right. It was either a Koi pond too small or a greenhouse too big or a Koi pond too big and an accessible filter room too small. We find that if you try to force a design then design is compromised – so we kept sketching. Finally, with very valuable help from the CEO, we had a working design. A pipe work and filtration layout was now drawn for accurate pricing purposes. Each drain, discharge, TPR, skimmer and filtration feed and return was drawn to accurately cost this part of the project. A construction schedule was drawn up and a bill of quantities produced. Special order materials were noted early so as not to impact on the construction programme. Sectional drawings were produced of the Koi ponds finished water height which then gave measurements for the chosen filtration system finished floor level which then gave total excavation depths. Continue..